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OK so i needed a new dress before mothers day I ordered one dress and one suit was sent the request for the deposit and i promptly paid it.however the one dress shipped and the suit said it would not be sent til July so I called customer service the lady told me I could swith the $179 suit out for something of the same value since I had already paid my deposit on that item she canceled it and helped me get another one in stock for way less than that.However it showed not shipped AND THEY WANTED ME TO PAY ANOTHER DEPOSIT.Heck with that so i called customer service back got a lady who was absolutely unwilling to help me and see that I had a credit on my account already for the deposit I made on the first I asked her to just refund my money and completely pay for the first one that was sent.So she got all upriled and told me no she could not do that .Finally got another customer rep and she told me it would be 30 days before I would recive my refund.needless to say the first dress that is paid and i owe nothing on is very poor quality for the price it looks like something that I could have bought at a dollar store and the sizing is completely inaccurate .I got a size 10 and it looks like a 3x .There is no way i am returning it to get ripped off the rest of my money that paid for it . I would not recommend their products and customer service stinks.And before i get a reply from someone working for their company ...dont even bother I have already written you and it done no good.

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Midnight Velvet

Hello, We regret that you're dissatisfied. Although you asked us not to bother replying, we think this this sounds like a big misunderstanding. We would really like to help clear it up if you'd let us.

Please email for us to make things right.



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