The one issue I saw was that even it's affiliate companies like Seventh Avenue, always ask for 25% of your order, before they will ship anything.Midnight Velvet did this to me and when i tried to order from Seventh Avenue, they also requested money up front.

And I also wonder if they are reporting to the credit bureau, to built up your credit.

I don't feel that they are.THey say that they do, but i really wonder if they are actually reporting good payments or if this is just a way of getting our money anyway.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I have ordered from seventh avenue country door midnight velvet Monroe and main Ginny's and Swiss colony I have been a customer since 1999 never ever had a problem with ordering returns or customer service. some of the complaints are a joke!!!


Midnightvelvet,countrydoor,seventh av.,Ginny's,areall the same co.so they work together

Midlothian, Virginia, United States #762557

I paid my FingerHut off properly and yes it was reported. I've recently ordered from Midnight Velvet and Swiss Colony because of products I liked. I keep very good records and follow-up with CreditKarma to insure proper reporting - I'll let you know how it goes.

Olympia, Washington, United States #718787

:grin I've never had a problem with MV or :grin Seventh Avenue.FINGERHUT on the other hand, is terrible :( .

:( Terrible.

Customer service is terrible, the payments, the surchages, the late charges, the interest.:cry


Recently I won some serious bucks and tonight decided to order from MV catalogue that my daughter has been receiving unsolicited.Why she gets MV catalogue is a mystery because the merchandise caters to misses not younger girls.

Anyway, today I decided to order 3 suits I saw in their most recent catalogue. I told my daughter. She said nothing for a few minutes so I thought she was ignoring as young people are prone to do. I measured myself and got my credit card ready.

Just as I was about to call customer service, my daughter put her laptop in front of me with and on the screen was this website replete with all the consumer complaints. I spent some time reading the comments and have concluded that MV and its affiliate sisters are not companies I wish to do business with. I will go to DSW and the mall and spend some of my winnings there. Missed a bullet there.

Whew.Thank goodness for websites like this.


Ive been using 7th ave& their sister ginny's and

never had any problems receiving orders in

a timely manner what so ever

After close to a year of on time payments

they upped my credit available from 400

to 675..IM very satisfied

:grin 8) :p :zzz


I ordered from this company, and they are full of lies!My check cleared through my bank 3 weeks ago, and I haven't received my merchandise.

I called customer service and they kept transferring me from department to department. My bank even verified that I had funds in my account, and Midnight Velvet still gave me the runaround. I ended up cancelling my order, and I'm still waiting on them to send my refund check.

I won't be doing business with them ever again!!buyer beware!


Midnight Velvet is a crock of sh*t.They had sent me a catalog saying that my credit line is $400.00.

I decided to order a sweater coat to establish credit.

I ordered the sweater last week, went to check on my order status they haven't yet to ship it.That tells me that they're not going to and by that i feel like they were bull sh*ting me and do not want to deal with them PERIOD.


So what you are saying is that you only report the negative.That is a shame.

It seems if you wish to get timely payments that reporting to the credit bureau would certainly create incentive. I have never had issues with Midnight Velvet or Seventh Avenue, however, I was under the impression that you did report to the credit bureau. It seems a bit deceitful. I am not happy about this and I am considering paying you off and discontinuing my business with you.

The whole purpose was to try to build good credit and now for two years I have wasted my time, but if I fell behind on my payments I am sure I would promptly be sent to collections and then you would most certainly start to report to the credit agencies.Shame on you!!!

to Kristi #832472

Kristi, Just like you, I myself for 4 years thought they MNV and Ginny's were reporting to the credit bureaus.I pulled my free credit report from all 3 of the bureaus on today and not a MNV nor Ginny's report was listed.

I immediately called MNV credit dept and was told they only reported the negative ones. Here I have been wasting my time for FOUR FULL YEARS thinking I am rebuilding my credit. I have not had a late payment from either in 4 years. I paid them almost off one time and charged it back up.

As soon as I pay them off this time, they won't be hearing from me.A word of advice, if you are building your credit, make sure that the business reports to the credit bureaus.

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